Shards of Demise is the first episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars to appear in Season 3. Showing the CG debuts of Kamino, Lama Su, and Taun We, the episode itself was created and premiered on the 18th of October, in the year 2009.


  • No matter what tempts you, keep your values in mind.

Opening CrawlEdit

Cad Bane strikes again!

Under employment of the evil Darth Sidious, several Senators and Royals from accross the galaxy are kidnapped and robbed blind!

However, upon his return to his Coruscant lair, Bane again finds himself under Sidious's command.

Only this time, his plans are much, much darker...



Battles and Participating UnitsEdit



Cad Bane coming into the employment of Darth Sidious once again, he is assigned a mission to find a special crystal on the Clones' home planet of Kamino that supports all Clone units' lives, growth progress, and battle capabilities, the crystal's destruction resulting in the deaths of all Clones, as well as the destruction of the Kaminoan race. Bane travels to the watery system, tricking the Kaminoan security guard Naton Ahke by posing as Anakin Skywalker. The disguised Bounty Hunter is taken before Prime Minister Lama Su, Cad tricking the tall alien to take him to the crystal. Bane gets his hands on the crystal and reports to Sidious via Hologram. The Dark Lord tells Cad the crystal is false, and demands he capture Su and force the real crystal's location out of him by any means. Cad is successful in snatching the Prime Minister, but not before he tells Taun We to contact the Jedi Council and activate the Clone Trooper Elites.

The Council receives Taun We's message, dispatching Anakin and Obi-Wan to Kamino. They save Lama Su from Cad Bane's clutches, the Bounty Hunter escaping while he summons Separatist forces to destroy Tipoca City and the hidden Infinity Crystals along with it. So begins the War of Tipoca.


  • In original concept, Taun We and Lama Su's original voice actors were to return to voice their respected characters.
  • Naton Akhe gets his name from the Egyptian Pharaoh, Akhenaton.
  • This Episode was originally created in a coat store.