Warrior Princess
"Obi, I beg you! Help my mother and aboard the ship, please!"Elsa helps Obi-Wan to save her mother

Elsa is only daughter of Kaname Family, she was Obi-Wan's adopted friend. After her birth, her father was clone trooper and her mother was a Jedi; Elsa was secretary born as warrior. Her father has bravely killed by Count Dooku and her mother has been disappeared after she was child.

She met Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala when she was a jedi, Also she met Ahsoka Tano after present day. Elsa has a powerful spear that transforms any weapon like gun, missile tech and lightsaber. She met Captain Rex and Commander Cody when she was a child and she met R2-D2. She has lost her birthrights, Her vision of her father and her mother and she need to let it go.