Claem Lilthoy is a female jedi from the the planet of Ineweq. She is the daughter of the queen and her husband.


Claem was born to Queen Kitim and her husband Breto. At a young age she showed signs of having the force however her parents whished her not to become a jedi. They were able to shield this until she was 2 when Master Plo Koon came to the palace and requested her to come back with him and train as a padawan. Her parents reluctantly agreed. She then trained under Master Xini Molf until she became a jedi. Years later however her master was on a mission and was killed. She was then sent to Ineweq where the mission was to finish it.  There she met her mother and father and her 3 younger siblings Venze, Necort and Ased. She was also one of the few Jedi's to survive Order 66, as she was on her home planet and she and the guards killed her clones. She remained on Ineweq for the rest of her life eventually taking on the role as queen and abandoning the role as a Jedi in order to save her life and her families. She put away her lightsaber for most of the rest of her life. However she retired with her role as queen when she got older and gave it to her sister Venze and became and advisor and strategist. She however did keep in contact with a few jedi such as Obi Wan Kenobi.
YJI Ep28 01

Claem fighting


She was said to be smart and serious for a younggirl when she was a padwan since she barely ever disobeyed her master. She was a bit of a perfectonist, never enjoying to fail, so she always tried her hardest. She was also said to a be a bit snippy at times and quiet as well.
Mag-Rail escape

Claem on her home planet