Battle Droids
B-1 Battle Droids were droids that worked for the CIS. They were very dumb and made bad puns and also whined. They, if were standerd had a blaster rifle and somtimes grenades. An engneer battle droid, one of the most important B1s on the battlefeild, was armed with a shotgun, fusion cutter to repair, detpacks and ammo and heath boxes. Assassain Battle Droids had camo markings and had a sniper rifle, pistol, grenades and an auto turrent to hold enimies back while fleeing or battling. A Flame battle droid was eqquped with a flame thower, and on

These and other battle droid units were led by general grevious, a sepertist commander. he could wield 4 lightsabers at once.before that, the B1s were led by Darth Sidious and Darth Maul.

Battles seen inEdit

Kahyyk,Geonosis,Mygeeto, Deveron, Corsacant, Felucia, Secculimali, Mustafar and lots more

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